Facebay Arbroath Blue Flag

Goods for Sale or Wanted, No Swaps
Simple rules..
Please State Prices
1. Only post /bump 5 items once every 5 hours, comments count as bumps more than 5 make an album, delete old posts before posting similar.
2. NO alcohol, weapons ,tobacco, gambling, fakes/replicas or pets
3. Be polite and have fun
4. Business and Crafters can post twice everyday as can Pages and Events, again delete old before adding new ones
Groups make an album and bump only once a day after asking permission to do so.
People with their own pages for selling their items only post one album and bump it twice a day, pics can be added and removed to an album at anytime,
5. Please always specify what your selling or offering, Police monitor groups for illegal items...
6. Please show interest on group not by pm..