Arizona State University (ASU) Ride share Group!

Want to travel anywhere around Arizona? Maybe Tucson, Flagstaff, or maybe a trip out to California without spending a fortune on gas or flights, and with some good company?

Put up a post if you're driving somewhere another student might want or need to go or if you need a ride and are willing to pitch in for gas! Put the dates you want to leave and return, where specifically you're going/want to go, etc. This group is a great way to find ways to travel cheaper, faster, and to get to know some cool people along the way!

Invite everyone you know who goes to ASU because the more people that join this group the more likely everyone will be able to find rides and passengers! Bon voyage!

Ride Share is a carpool program in many major cities and colleges. If you need a ride post about it
on the wall, and the idea is that another ASU student with planes on going to that same location will carpool with you for little or no cost. (GAS MONEY!!!!)