Justice and Diversity in Action Georgetown University

In McCarthy Hall

Living together on the third floor of McCarthy, members of JDA strive to create and sustain an environment that supports each one's work for social change, as well as each one's commitment to grow in knowledge of human diversity in all its aspects. Together, we seek to be open, honest, and sensitive in examining attitudes, prejudices, and actions that undermine respect for diversity and perpetuate injustice, as these arise both within and beyond the Georgetown Community.

The members of Justice and Diversity in Action--called "JDA"--seek to advocate for justice, as individuals and as a group. Our members come from all schools in the University and include First-Years to Seniors; often there is good mix of international students as well as those who hail from the United States. Our focus includes the local, the national, and the international. There is no one prescribed issue or point of view--but rather a shared belief that problems of justice and diversity can be humbling in their complexity and call for all of us to be as open-minded and creative as possible.
For more information, please contact the JDA advisor, Dr. Marilyn McMorrow.

Open to: All Class Years