Craig, Mays, Ottowa, Rogers Counties BUY, SELL, TRADE

Sell what you like as long as it is a salable item
NO TRASH! If it needs to be thrown away, throw it away.
The rules are simple:
Please put multiple items in an album. If you need help creating an album, there is a DOC posted that tells how to do that.
If someone posts that they are interested, please respond to them before moving on to another person that has commented on your thread.
Please include as much information as possible about your item. General location, price, etc.
If a sale is pending, please post that it is.
If a sale falls through then repost.
Please do not try and undercut other people when they are negotiating to buy or trade for an item. It isn't very nice.
Please have personal information exchanged through a message, not on the item for sale.
Post items you are looking for.
Please delete your item once it is sold or put "sold" on it and I can delete it for you.
If you want something please make your arrangements and stick to them. Contact the person if you are not able to make the original connection, don't leave people hanging.
No illegal activity on this group will be tolerated. If you think it is illegal, it probably is, so don't do it.
Please do not post the same item multiple times. You can comment on your thread and it will bring your tiem back to the top. Only do that once or twice a day so other items may be viewed.
Do not post junk and trash. Only salable items should be posted.
Livestock, cars, houses, guns, ammo, are all items of value, feel free to post them here.
Have fun