Coles county pets needing homes

Neither members or admins shall be held responsible/liable for the transfer of ownership of any item/animal. It is the responsibility of the buyer/seller/trader to insure the legality of the item/animal. This group is buy- sell-trade of animal items
and for people that are looking for a pet or who have to give up there pet because they no longer can/ and or to help find homes for shelter pets/ at your own risk.

*Rules are subject to change at any time. There is a 3 strikes your out policy unless your first offense is really bad. We will not ban members over petty reasons. If you respect the rules we will respect you.

1) Please be "descriptive" with including "prices" and your "location". Remember this is a group for coles county and sometimes nearby people can post things.

2) If you know how to use our group albums then you may do so but If you have many items to list with needing pics please make a album in your own fb account and then post it in the group to direct people there. Make sure your album is set for public to view. this will make group albums free and clear so we admin have less work.

3) Home businesses, spam, stupid/bullying arguments is NOT allowed. contact admins first please. if u do this you will be banned with no warning.

4) contact admins first if u think someone is a con on hear and or if there is cruelty happening.

5) If your item sold please remove your post or state sold.If you cant find your post please type in your exact fb account name in the search bar and it should bring it up. click on the icon to your right to open the post.

6) If you have many items/animals but no pics then make one post not multiple posts.

7) NO sales/giving away of puppies OR kittens unless they are 8 wks of age its AGAINST Illinois state law to post pups/kittens for sale OR new home UNDER that age of 8wk!

8) If you are getting rid of an animal AND then looking for one its INSTANT banning! You will be removed and banned from this site!!!!

9) Please bump every 12 hours.

10) This is a place to find a home for an animal NOT TO STUD OR LOOK FOR A STUD FOR YOU DOG!!!!!!!

*The word "bump" is used as a comment on posts in order to bump the post to the top of the list. The letters "PM" mean personal message and people post this in order for others to contact them directly rather than commenting on a post. The letters "obo" are short for or best offer and used after prices for entertaining bids/barter.

*If you are new and your getting many unwanted emails/notifications where its driving you nuts then at the top of the page click "settings" and pick your desired settings with making sure you save it.!