Blackpool buy seek and sell

Blackpool buy seek & sell is a group where people, in and around Blackpool, can advertise items they are wanting to buy, Seek and Sell items.

SELL:- Advetise items you want to sell and indicate how much you are willing to accept. - Please use Photos & A price if possible

SEEK:- if you are looking for something in particular you could advertise on the group.

Please condense your post so you have more than one item in each ad.

Put photos of items you are selling if you like - but please delete them once they are sold or if you relist the item.

It's up to you to negotiate you're selling - this group just provides a place to do that and no responsibility is taken, by this group, for any transactions.

You need to keep checking your items to see if anyone is interested!!!

Please do not advertise illegal items either for sale or wanted.

No Ads for pets or livestock !

Please be sensible and only place genuine advertisements so that the group is actually of benefit to people.

and Most of all - BE NICE - IF NOT YOU WILL BE BANNED -


* Please consider taking unwanted items to charity shops*