Cambridge Gardens McDonald's

This Facebook page is for the store for shift swaps and any other important information regarding new promotions, changes in the store etc.

There obviously will be some ground rules regarding the page and how everyone is to represent them selves on the page:

1. No offensive language, pictures or videos are to be uploaded to the page.
2. Authorisations still need to be confirmed by a manager for shift swaps.
3. We can & will utilize this resource for any purpose in the store.
4. Only Crew members of Cambridge Gardens McDonald’s will be accepted into the page.

Regarding Shift Swaps
-If a crew person can not do a shift they must speak to Gaby, Drew or Hayden. If the reason is valid they can post on the Facebook page to have someone else take the shift
-No one is to post about a shift swap unless one of the above managers know 1st
-The crew person must tag the manager that they spoke to in the post so the other parties are aware that this has been approved
-All shift replacements must be of equal age or ability if outside these it must be approved by Drew or Gaby only.
-If someone posts on the page and they have not spoken to a manager first they may receive a written warning.

The page needs to maintain a professional mannerism at all times, regarding all content & the content that is displayed on the page is only for the eyes of the employees of the store.

Any questions please feel free to speak to Drew or the rest of the management team.

Regards, Cambridge Garden’s Management.