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Tropical Depression Updates **Update** *********
Tropical Storm Faxai continues to move further away from Guam. Expect gusty
winds to start diminishing as the afternoon progresses. Additionally, we
expect crosswinds to decrease below 25 knots with a dry runway by 1600L
********* Please see attached (or text below) for the latest update on Tropical Storm
FAXAI (03W). As of 04 Mar 14 / 14L, Andersen AFB is in TCCOR 4. 1. At 04/10L Tropical Storm FAXAI was located at 14.9° North and 149.9°
East, approximately 303 nautical miles East Northeast of Andersen AFB.
Current movement is to the North at 10 knots. 2. Tropical Storm FAXAI had winds gusting to 70 knots near its center and
was moving to the North at 10 knots. If Tropical Storm FAXAI continues to
move as forecast, damaging winds of 50 knots or greater (sustained) are not
anticipated to occur. The strongest winds on Guam were sustained at 20 knots
with 28 knot gusts at 04/15L. 3. Conditions expected at Andersen AFB over the next 24 hours: Isolated
rainshowers, winds 15 knots with gusts up to 20 knots, crosswinds (including
gusts) 15 knots. 48 hours: Isolated rainshowers, winds 10 knots with gusts
up to 15 knots, crosswinds 8 knots. 72 hours: Isolated rainshowers, winds 10
knots with gusts up to 15 knots, crosswinds 0 knots. 1-2 inches of rain are
expected over the next 24-72 hours. 4. Stay alert for future changes in Tropical Cyclone Conditions. The next
update will be 04 MAR 14 / 20L or sooner if conditions warrant.
********** Team Andersen, A tropical depression (TW03) has formed and is currently located approximately 350 miles southeast of Guam. The storm is forecast to slowly move northward over the next 48 hours. Base residents can expect 30-45 kt winds with periods of thunderstorms and heavy rain totaling 7 inches into Monday (reference Andersen 5 day forcecast). We do not anticipate a change in TCCOR for Andersen at this time. Base residents are encouraged to consider removing canopies and securing loose objects outdoors (e.g. patio furniture, trash cans, trampolines) out of an abundance of caution. There is some uncertainty concerning the expected path and the intensity of the storm. Our weather and emergency management experts will remain in close coordination with our Guam and Navy counterparts as we head into the weekend to provide you updates on storm information. For additional information, please turn to the Commander Access Channel, Water Cooler, and Andersen AFB Facebook or contact the installation's Office of Emergency Management at 366-3113.