Nepal Public Health Professional

This group has been created to unite Nepali Public Health Professionals (comprise of public health graduates from diverse backgrounds, medical anthropologists, demographers/population studies experts, health economists, health related researchers, biostatisticians, health policy experts/researchers, etc) from across the globe to share, discuss, network and support each other for the professional growth and development and better collaboration to improve the health of the population strengthening public health system and profession in Nepal.

This is a group for discussions on the subject of public health issues ONLY.

The policy in this group is that it is about pubic health issues. So please stay roughly on the topic or your posts may be removed. For example, although there are some wonderful causes and campaigns that are very worthy that you may want to discuss and promote; but if they are not directly related to public health issues, please do it somewhere more appropriate groups. Thank you for your professionalism and understanding the group MOTTO.