Cairns Animals Lost, Found and For Sale

A group for Cairns and surrounding areas to network lost and found pets. We do allow sales but all dogs/puppies and cats/kittens must be vaccinated and microchipped(as per QLD law)

please remember if your missing 1 pooch or several one post is easier to keep track of than many or one cat, please stop putting multiple posts of the same animal as It makes it harder for other i would also like to stress that no puppy or kitten should be rehomed before 8 weeks of age. We will not be supporting irresponsible back-yard breeding.

Rescue groups are encouraged to post links and profiles on available animals and fundraising functions(if they have the appropriate licensing).Minimum to 2 per person sorry but need to keep the news feed clear, only 1 bump per 24 hrs

If you are a registered breeder please state your prefix in your posts.

Please be aware of local laws, and be courteous to other members. If there is an issue with a post etc-you can find admin in the members tab and feel free to pm or tag us where necessary.NO MORE THAN 5 POSTS please