Johnson County Swap and talk

Welcome! This is a site to buy and sell your unwanted items. There are a few simple rules. If you choose not to follow them then your post will be deleted.


1. Price and location are REQUIRED in your main post.

2. Buyer and seller must be willing to meet in JOHNSON county.

3. If you choose to create a photo album, specify location and price in your ALBUM DESCRIPTION or it will be deleted.

4. This is not a site for weight loss scams, homes for sale or any marketing items like thirtyone-Scentsy-Avon, home businesses exc.... If you are selling individual items that is fine. GO FUND ME LINKS ARE NOT ALLOWED AND WILL BE DELETED.

5. We are all adults, no name calling or bullying will be tolerated.

6. Show up! Our time is valuable, don't waste it!

7. If you block the admin from deleting your post you will be removed from the group.

8. Skipping buyers is NOT ALLOWED. First person to comment has first option to purchase. Seller does not get to pick who to sell to. Seller must give 12 hours for contact from the buyer before moving on to the next person for purchase.

9. As a buyer, do not offer more for an item. As a seller, do not accept offers for more than you have set your price as. If this is done then both parties will be automatically deleted.

10. We do not accept charity posts on this site. Posts asking for money/food/items for free will be deleted. This rule is solely due to the people who have abused the system on our page.

11. FCFS (First Come First Serve) is not accepted on this page. See Rule 8 as to why.

***The last Saturday of the month will be "Support Small Business Saturday". Feel free to promote your small business on the last Saturday of the month!***

Rules are simple. Follow them and you will be successful! Happy selling!!!!

If you have and questions or concerns feel free to send a private message to an admin. Don't clutter the board.

Jennifer Grogan
Erika Kruse
Dee Sidener