Our Aberdeen

* This Facebook group for Our Aberdeen is open for both formal and informal discussions, as well as acting as a functional tool and a group community to share ideas and create a path to produce action toward ideas. Some moderation will be necessary to facilitate that community and direction. The following guidelines will help ensure that this is a comfortable space for everyone:

Discussions, posts, and comments may not include insults or slurs of any kind. Dialogue is key to progress and understanding between people of differing opinions, so long as it does not degenerate into insults or slurs. If this occurs, the poster will be warned and the comment/post deleted. Re-occurrence will result in the poster being banned.

Topics are limited to revitalization of OUR City for discussion, provided that discussions are kept civil. These topics may include events happening (now and then) within our City limits, idea's for future development, introductions, history, etc. Admins reserve the right to delete posts or comments, with or without explanation.

Posts deliberately inciting members of the group will lead to a warning and/or banning. Spamming this group will also result in a warning and banning if it should happen again. Posts should ideally be productive towards facilitating discussion or of interest to the group as a whole.

These guidelines are meant to maintain civility and are open to discussion and revision. The discussions in this group are open to the public and are not necessarily the views of Our Aberdeen.

Email: info@ouraberdeen.com
Website: http://ouraberdeen.com/
Phone: 360.612.3479

*Coordinating Committee - is where all the Chair's of Our Aberdeen Committee's gather, share updates, how they can support one another, and the day-to-day business of Our Aberdeen.

*Art Promotion Committee - from art galleries to mural restoration, if you have an ache to be creative, this is the committee for you.

Artists on the Map, Critters on the Map & Urban Art on the Map
Chair: Lee Staley
Murals on the Map & Healing Gallery
Chair: Sylvia Dickerson
Community Event Kiosks
Co Chairs: Dina Trapp & Gary Lennon
Healing Gallery at GHCH
Chair: Geri Stubb

Mery Swanson, Chair

*Downtown Waterfront Committee
Lighting the Chehalis River Bridge, safer walkways and finding out different ways to help property owners...

Dolores Cobb, Chair

*Trail Committee - This Committee is with local groups to create a trail system (GHTP) from Lake Sylvia to Aberdeen, Aberdeen to the GH Nat. Wildlife Refuge then to Ocean Shores and Seabrook, and from Aberdeen to Westport.

Gregory Johnson, Chair

*Board: Robert Barene (Treasurer), Dr. Ed Brewster (Chair), Dolores Cobb, Michael Dickerson (Vice Chair), Gregory Johnson (Coordinator), Mery Swanson and Jamie Walsh.