You Know You're In Lincoln City When..

As part of Helping Hearts, we are trying to make sure these kids and adults in need in Lincoln City will have a great Christmas!! Can you pick a child or adult to help this Christmas season? We have 5 days to get everything ready for these families! Let me know if you can help and state the LETTER of the child you will be helping this season. Your donations will brighten up these kids’ Christmas morning! BOYS:
A. Age 4, Size 5 pants, size small shirt. Would like slippers. LOVES legos!
B. Age 8, Size 8 pants, size medium shirt. Loves minecraft and pokemon.
C. Age 10, Size 14 pants, size large shirt. Would love a large hexbug and a remote control truck.
D. Age 2, Size 4T , any toy.
E. Age 4, Size 5T, any toy.
-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-LATE ADDITIONS-
Boy, 5 years old, 5T or 6T will work, 11-12 shoe. likes Ninja Turtles, Toy Story, Thomas the Train, big trucks and action figures. Would love a bike. GIRLS:
F. Age 4, size 5T pants, 5-6T tops and jackets. Shoes size 10. Any girly toy.
G. Age 9, size 12. Loves fashion and Barbies. Loves to make Barbie clothing and would like a sewing machine.
H. 18 months , size 24 months, 6c shoes, likes babydolls and spongebob.
Girl, size small and 7slim clothing. Girl toys. Not sure of age, Im guessing around 6/7 years. ADULTS:
I. Female, Age 38, Size small/1-3, really needs a Carhart or other really warm jacket and blankets. She likes jewelry. Could really use new shoes or boots size 7 ½-8. She has cancer and is in need of warm things. J. Male, Age 32, Size XL, desperate need for rain gear, has to walk 3 miles a day to work in this weather. ((I will post a link to the Helping Hearts group in the comments! Donations need to be dropped off by Monday the 22nd. Thank you for your help! If you had contacted a helping heart volunteer and your name is not on this list -\-\this list is just adults and children under 12-\-\ please message me asap, thanks! ))