Eagles Nest Neighborhood - Zionsville

A group for the residents of Eagles Nest, located in Zionsville, Indiana. You must live in this neighborhood, and be 18 years of age or older to be in this group. The sole purpose of this group is to provide information to fellow residents about things that may have an affect on the neighborhood/neighbors/surrounding area. Neighbors can join to receive only pertinent info about the neighborhood.

In all posts/comments, please refrain from:
1. Profane, defamatory, offensive, violent, or disrespectful language
2. “Trolling”, or posting deliberately disruptive statements meant to hijack comment threads or throw discussions off-track
3. Attacks on specific groups or any comments meant to harass, threaten or abuse an individual
4. Hateful or discriminatory comments regarding race, ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation or political beliefs
5. Links or comments containing sexually explicit content material
6. Content determined to be inappropriate, in poor taste, or otherwise contrary to the purposes of the group
7. No politics unless it is directly neighborhood related.
8. Putting down or making fun of neighbors, their family, or their property

Dear Neighbors,
In the past opinions have been voiced disrespectfully on the page and verbal battles ensued. Because of this we felt that defined group rules are needed. We want to grow together as a community and not have the page be a battleground. We know that the page has seen some verbal mud slinging. As admins, we have jobs and families as many of you do, and we are learning and doing our best to figure out how to make a community filled with many different backgrounds and personalities cooperate. That being said, we need all of your help to monitor this group since we can't monitor all posts. Admins will delete inappropriate posts, however if you see questionable posts, please message all admins and we will make our best judgement. Members repeatedly breaking the page rules will be removed from the page. If your post is removed you will receive a message from an anonymous admin account. This is so there is no bitterness/hard feelings/gossip towards any one admin. Also remember that if a member selects the "Report/Spam" for your post and it violates facebook’s terms (https://www.facebook.com/legal/terms), facebook can and will remove your post and can disable your account as well.

We are not trying to be the fun police (we all like to have fun), but just want to keep this group strictly info so all neighbors will want to stay subscribed and we can distribute info easily. We don't want neighbors leaving the group because they can't filter out things they don't want to see or read.

However, since some may enjoy posting funny pictures/questions, joke around with neighbors, or post anything not that is not particularly pertinent neighborhood info, etc, there is another eagles nest shenanigans group for just this purpose: