Gambian Wives club

This is a group for wives and girlfriends of Gambians who may need advice, guidance, support or who have lots of experience they can share with other Members. We like a good story too :-)

Everyone who is asking for membership, will get a private message, about their connection to the Gambia, so keep an eye on your "other" mailbox if you are applying membership.
There will be exceptions though,

We can be a serious group and we like to have fun too, but we request that all members have respect for each other and respect the fact that we all have our own opinions

It would also be considered as normal to participate in the group ones in a while. If you remain inactive for a long period of time, or haven't participated in any kind since you got in the group, it can happen that you will no longer have membership. YOU ARE WELCOME TO JOIN ANY TIME AGAIN, IF IT'S HAPPEN.
The reason is to keep the intimacy of the group, to make members more comfortable sharing whatever they have on their hart.

It is allowed to have a substantive discussion of topics but no bullying and things that are said should remain within the group, due to sometimes posting sensitive topics, for everyone's well-being.