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My friend is a teenage girl in 10th grade who is actually intrested in learning and asking questions and what does she get? She gets fucking supended and harrassed for showing an intrest in the world fuck this shit Tascosa High school Censorship and teaching ignorance no more she trys to ask her history teacher about discrepencies, shes sent to the principals office and told to stop asking questions if she knows what is good for her is this America? heres what she posted on my wifes wall today i think its time tascosa high school learns that they are there to teach the people not churn out fucking idiots boycott this bullshit this shit has got to stop punishing students for asking question please call mail let these fucks know how we feel
Tascosa High School 921 Westlawn Street Amarillo, TX 79102
(806) 326-2600 fax (806)3564805
.hi how are you? i'm writing this on your wall because i feel it's very important & i would like to share my story with everyone.
It's a normal school day with a new lesson to learn. Today in class we were being thought about Singapore, and how neat the country is. Even though they have some stupid laws, such as; chewing gum being illegal and harsh punishment in jail like inmates being hit with a cane for a crime they committed.
Singapore has a great government because it is transparent, they inform and let their citizens what is going on in their country. I made the following comment & and once more i was in trouble.... "Why doesn't America have a TRANSPARENT government like Singapore?" "Why don't they inform us of what is actually going on? instead of pretending we are such a great country!? " Fml ! -____- Fuck school, Fuck teachers. Spread ANONYMOUS!…