EF College Break at Stony Brook University

DON'T HAVE TIME TO STUDY ABROAD? Tour with EF College Break during school breaks!!
Code: SUNYSB6478

PLACES: Europe, Costa Rica, Australia/New Zealand, Asia, Africa
TRAVELERS: 50 ppl per tour group, ages 18-26 only
(not exclusive to Seawolves)
TIMES: New Years break, Spring break, Summer break
PROGRAM FEE INCLUDES: roundtrip flights, all travel between cities, quality hotels, sightseeing tours, full-time tour director, breakfast meals, entrance to special attractions, 24-hour emergency phone service

See more. Spend less.
Check out price quotes and book a trip now!!!!

Campus Manager Intern: Cristina Fristachi
Contact: stinarose22@aol.com
(fb message me for details and discounts)
Code: SUNYSB6478

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