Clifton Ruddington Silverdale Local Donation Group

We are a Clifton Ruddington and Silverdale Community Donation Group were any donations received will be used to help the community out from there ...So yes its great to receive but even better to put alittle back into our communities...This applies to any items that WE Admins list as most of what we put on has come from donations within the communities x
We use Morrissons shopping stamps ( These can be bought from any morrissons store at any checkout they are purchased in £` values) as a way to exchange for items listed they are then used to buy food hampers to those most in need in Clifton Ruddington and Silverdale we supply everything from fresh food and dairy products and tinned food within these hampers

There is certain members bidding and out bidding others then failing to collect and it is happening on more than one occasion ...failure to collect results in a strike and after three strikes the rule to the group is you will be removed ... It's unfair to arrange collections then cancel time and time again... A list has now been created of the members that are doing this..please remember we are here to help the community and to raise funds we are not a bid and change your mind service xx

This page is in the care of Maria Mooo Watson Chris Winker Watson Carla Bentley Ross Foulds Julie Ramster Palmer...And our lovely Group Support members Linda Bentley.... Helen Blatherwick .....Karen Birch xxxx