What is NutriVRich Organic Vegefruit Raw Food?
It is a world No.1 raw food green smoothie formulated by Dr. James Hwang Joo,M.D., PhD Longrich Raw Food consists of over 45 different organic uncooked raw ingredients in different proportions! It is the 1st such vegan Vegefruit Raw Food in the world! With sugar& fat FREE,chemical & additives FREE ,Raw Food is good for :
1).energy supply to body,;
2).slimming & fitness ;
3).beautiful skin&detoxification of body;
4).health recovery from diseases ,especially cancer,since Raw Food helps body to regain its cancer-unfriendly alkaline body environment ,this cancer cell will be starved Dr. James is an internationally renowned oncologist, and one of the leading scientist, specializing in immune enhancing natural remedies. Dr. James had done an extensive study and research in immunity remedies for cancer and holisticmedicines for many years at the fridenbalier Hospital, The Wesselbron Hospital, and Bio-Medi Hospital, Germany. He later opened "Loving Care Clinic", specializing in and dealing with geriatric diseases and cancer, and developed "mistletoe immune remedy" and "immunity cocktail remedy" in Seoul , Korea