Jon Stewart for Brandeis Commencement Speaker 2012!

So wouldn't it be awesome if we FINALLY got Jon Stewart to come to commencement?

If we all wrote letters and emails to the Daily Show - yes - it might just happen. But we'll need to all help out! Write 1 letter or email - or write more!

Beginning idea for a letter? EDIT/COME UP WITH YOUR OWN!

Dear Jon Stewart,

Shalom from all your viewers at the non-sectarian Jewish-sponsored research university of Brandeis!
Every year for a while, we've asked you to come speak at our commencement. So you may be thinking: what makes this year different from all other years?
Of course, we have four answers for you (because that's the kind of school we are).
1) We'll finance your schlep up to Brandeis. We promise. We're not that broke. We'll sell the art museum to pay for your trip.
2) Although we were labeled as a red light university by, we will not edit your speech. That much.
3) We (as a senior class) will complete whatever challenge you pose to us on your show at the beginning of the school year (be creative).
4) If Michael Oren, Thomas Friedman, and the Westborough Baptist Church all want to come to Brandeis, we think you should definitely come too.

Please consider coming up to Brandeis for graduation (May 20, 2012). Because Brandeis students probably won't stop writing to you until you actually speak here. We're really good at nagging.


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