Colorado State University Climbing Club/Team

Coming this fall The CSU climbing club/team is being created.

Climbing is a large part of my life and the culture around Fort Collins. So what a better way to strengthen this community, build stronger climbers, and represent CSU in a way that has never been done before.

After speaking with Aaron Harris, the director of CSU club sports (hockey, lacrosse, soccer, etc.) We have come to the conclusion that a climbing team is eligible to get funding from CSU and become a Club Sport. However, CSU club sport regulation require that all club sports must be a student organization for at least 1 year before applying. This being said, we will be a student organization coming this Fall and it is our chance to create something that will leave a mark on CSU's campus.

This is an open group, invite anybody that climbs and is a current CSU student. Age, ability, and background do not matter. This is meant to be a fun and beneficial experience .

The main reason that i am pursuing the creation of this team is for competition in the Collegiate Climbing Series.

This is a fairly new competition series and the Rocky Mountain Region was only started 2 years ago. I have attended many of the competitions and they are a lot of fun. However, CSU is not recognized as a team because we are not recognized as an organization.

We are the last school around the Rocky Mountain region to not have a team, and this is a little crazy considering how many of us climb.

That being said, here is how the club is going to look.

1)Each member will pay a yearly due. As of right now this is looking to be about $25 dollars. What this will get you is a Shirt that we will all vote on a design. As well as sanctioning for all of the competitions so that we will be recognized as a team.

2)3-4 times a week we will set up times to climb, hang out, get outside, maybe do some trail work, camping, etc.

3)Competing in the CCS series for CSU (not required)

4)Hosting a comp at the rec center (possibly miramont, gotta talk to paul). Setting, Climbing, and running the competition.

Until this fall this Group on Facebook is only being used to get your thoughts and opinions on the groundwork so far as well as getting a list started to get the word out that this is happening. So once again, invite everyone who you climb with at CSU

Write on this wall, my wall, call me, text me, telegram, Morris code, carrier pigeon, smoke signal,anything if you have any questions

-Nick Kadlec