Cleopatra Appreciation Page!

Cleopatra 1994-2011

This is a page set up for Cleo. She passed away recently and I thought it would be nice to create a page for her in the digital age. She would have been 17 (YES BLOODY 17!) in June, now that is longer than any of us have ever had an animal I'm sure so..... if you have any pictures or memories of Cleo/Lizi then please upload them or leave a comment.

Cleo was a totally awesome dog. She was 'party dog', 'cheeky dog' that would take the mickey and run away when Lizi wasnt there. She was 'sniffy dog' in her old age, 'travel dog' - always on trains, buses. She was 'guard dog' - well not really but one time I was scared I slept next to her for security. Wherever Lizi was, Cleo surely wasnt far. Kind of Thelma and Louise haha!

Please keep this a secret for the next few days - time to leave pictures and comments before I show Lizi - as the idea may not work. Please pass onto anyone you think of that I missed. x