1,000,000 Friends of Barack Obama

This is a spot where you can express your support for President Barack Obama and his team.

This is also a place where you can express your concerns in a respectful and constructive manner. However harmless irreverance and jokes are welcome to maintain a good level of humor.

The rights of genuine participants to express opposing views as part of the continuing political debate are not only cherished but guaranteed.

So in summary, once you have joined the group, please do the following:

1.Add your friends and family who share our ideals and hopes. Some of you have done wonders in this area. If you know somebody who has a gripe against Barack Obama and / or his policies, invite him or her too and we can have a cool debate.

2. Share your coolest pics, blogs, links and videos.

3. More importantly, share your thoughts on the wall and the discussion board.

Some years ago, this group was started with the special contribution by students of Homewood- Flossmoor High School, Flossmoor,IL, members of UNISA (University of South Africa) Studentz Net, the young people of Norway, students and alumni of ASU (Arizona State University), our buds from the Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Netherlands groups and last but not the least our Facebook friends.

There are many others we would love to mention - either individually or collectively.

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You can also join our affiliate groups:

1,000,000 Friends of Africa

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