1 bedroom flats, apartments in Malta

Group of 1 bedroom/ studio accommodations/flats/house etc for RE...NT or SALE in Malta

In that group you can enjoy and benefit from a community where
+you can find easily 1 bedroom apartments
+you can easily reach the target market of your 1 bedroom properties

The group is free only for
tenants and agents
if you are a flat owner there is a charge of 50 euro/ flat

you can
+post freely as many 1 bedroom flats as you just want.
+post your request of flats if you are after a 1 bedroom accommodation.
write in your inquiry that you are looking for a 1 bedroom accomandation otherwise it will be automatically deleted. Price, location, etc

Always write in the ads and requests:
+ price
+ 1 bedroom/studio
+ location

You can't
+ spam
+ repost an ad during a day
+ post anything else but properties
+ post any available rooms
+ any short lets

You will be automaticly banned if:
+ spam
+ post anything else but properties

You will be banned after a warning if you:
+ repost an ad during a day
+ you post any other properties as 1 bedroom/studio.

I wish you a good luck!