National Muslim Students Association of Liberia (NAMSAL)

NAMSAL is the largest Islamic youth and students organization in Liberia. It works for the development of young Muslims and the Islamic community at large through programs of education, development, advocay and recreation. The general aim and objective of NAMSAL is to serve the best interest of humanity in general and Muslim students in particular. Toward this end, it shall:

* Promote unity and joint action among Muslims and humanity;

* Provide a conducive atmosphere for her members and all students of Liberia in assisting them to build their human resource capacities. Arrange and hold congregational worships, workshops, symposia, and religious festivals at the appropriate times, especially during Eid-ul Fitr and Eid-ul Adha festivals;

* Conduct educational, cultural, religious and other activities in the best interest of students within the framework of the nation;

* Strengthen the spirit of peaceful co-existence amongst Muslims and other religions, youth and student groups in and out of Liberia;

*Create vibrant institution that will serve as a vehicle for the advocacy of human rights in schools, Universities and other centers of learning;

*Collaborate with national and international government and non-governmental institutions in projects/programs implementations; and

*Oprate within the framework and policies of government and government agencies that govern not-for profit institutions now and in the future.