BUY--SELL- Your UNWANTED Items- Aberdeen :0)

Have started this group for you all to enjoy buying and selling your unwanted items from home, all we ask is that you all make albums and rename them so we all know who's albums are who's and also bump the whole album up instead of individual posts and also only bump your posts after 24hrs have elapsed. Also please do not post any business, other groups/pages etc on this group as it is for buying and selling only.

We hope you are all happy with the group and thanks to everyone for making it work :o)

Happy buying and selling to you all and any questions or problems please let either myself or Lisa know and we will try and help the best we can :o)

I also want to add that if you have a missing pet, person etc or want to raise money for a worthy cause please don't hesitate to post here as if we can do something to help you, we will :)