* 12/20/PM "Call thy labourers, and give them their hire."
-\-\Matthew 20:8 God is a good paymaster; He pays His servants while at work
as well as when they have done it; and one of His payments is
this: _an easy conscience_. If you have spoken faithfully of
Jesus to one person, when you go to bed at night you feel happy
in thinking, "I have this day discharged my conscience of that
man's blood." There is a great _comfort in doing something for
Jesus_. Oh, what a happiness to place jewels in His crown, and
give Him to see of the travail of His soul! There is also very
great reward in _watching the first buddings of conviction in a
soul_! To say of that girl in the class, "She is tender of
heart, I do hope that there is the Lord's work within." To go
home and pray over that boy, who said something in the afternoon
which made you think he must know more of divine truth than you
had feared! Oh, the joy of hope! But as for _the joy of
success_! it is unspeakable. This joy, overwhelming as it is, is
a hungry thing-\-\you pine for more of it. To be a soul-winner is
the happiest thing in the world. With every soul you bring to
Christ, you get a new heaven upon earth. But who can conceive
the bliss which awaits us above! Oh, how sweet is that sentence,
"Enter thou into _the joy of thy Lord_!" Do you know what the
joy of Christ is over a saved sinner? This is the very joy which
we are to possess in heaven. Yes, when He mounts the throne, you
shall mount with Him. When the heavens ring with "Well done,
well done," you shall partake in the reward; you have toiled
with Him, you have suffered with Him, you shall now reign with
Him; you have sown with Him, you shall reap with Him; your face
was covered with sweat like His, and your soul was grieved for
the sins of men as His soul was, now shall your face be bright
with heaven's splendour as is His countenance, and now shall
your soul be filled with beatific joys even as His soul is.