Classic Isuzu

I think the only chance this group has of ever getting a member or two is to have some Japanese Keywords.. so here they are: いすゞ ベレットGT-R

The Isuzu Bellett (1963 to 1973):

The Bellett was apparently named so terribly in order to represent a smaller Bellel, the similarly poorly named predecessor. The Bellett came in 2 door coupe, 2 door fastback, 2 door wagon (express), 4 door sedan, 2 door pickup truck (wasp) and full out race car (R6) in either coupe or spider form.

No fewer than 8 engines ranging from OHV to DOHC and even Diesel were offered over the 10 year production span. All Belletts had independent front and rear suspension and to the best of my knowledge disc brakes made it to at least the front end.


By beating the Prince Skyline S54 to market by a month(?) in the summer of 1964, the Bellett can claim being the first Japanese car to get the GT designation. Both Prince and Isuzu GTs eventually ended up with I6 and I4 SOHC engines respectively.


The GT-R, more specifically GT Type-R (for "racing"), was a racing version of the GT, also available to individual customers. First presented in September 1969, the GT-R featured a 1.6 L DOHC engine from the 117 Coupe, power brakes and numerous other modifications. It was visually different from other Belletts primarily by a specific paint scheme, which included a completely black hood. The GT-R achieved many successes in racing, and has gained its own fan community. Only about 1,400 GT-Rs were manufactured.

Though the GT-R was one of the first cars to be called "GT-R", the Nissan Skyline GT-R was in fact earlier, with the PGC10 GT-R being released six months beforehand, in March 1969. The Holden Torana GTR was released in October 1969. However, there was a Bridgestone GTR motorbike which predates all of these. It is also worth noting that Isuzu used the Type-R designation long before Honda adopted it.

Wheelbase: 2352 mm 92.59 in
Track front: 1219 mm 47.99 in
Track rear: 1214 mm 47.79 in
Length: 4006 mm 157.71 in
Width: 1496 mm 58.89 in
Curb weight: 939 kg 2070.13 lb

Isuzu 117 (1968-1981):

This high speed tourer was styled by Giorgetto Giugiaro (Carrozzeria Ghia). It was the first Japanese car with a DOHC engine, the first with electronic fuel injection and also the world's first sports car with a diesel engine.