2013/2014 Ghana National Service Scheme Personnel

This unofficial group was originally created for the 2013/2014 batch of National Service Personnel as a medium for socialization and the dissemination of information relating to National Service activities. The group is now open to all professionals, tertiary students and graduates as well as past and serving national service persons.

The group is completely NEUTRAL and does not associate itself with any established social group. The views of all members are welcome,on proviso that those views are not in contravention of the principles of the group. This group stands for free expression, tolerance, balanced discussions, decorum and stimulation of intellectual discourse. All members are encouraged to actively participate in discussions and to express their views responsibly. Pleasant conversations and associations are encouraged. Divisive issues are not allowed on this platform and should therefore not be raised.

The admin TOTALLY discourages abusive behaviour, the use of vulgar language, bullying, peddling of immoral materials or personal attacks on other members. Admin reserves the prerogative to remove comments, posts, or whole threads at their informed discretion. In extreme cases, the admin will remove and permanently ban members who misconduct themselves by deliberately failing to comply with the established standard of good behaviour.
It is hoped that every member will contribute meaningfully to the expansion and consolidation of this group to make it the most distinctive and distinguished of all other social media groups. If you have any issues regarding the group or activities in it, kindly forward them to the administrator, Timothy Kwapong, for immediate redress.