Clydebank Yes or No?

This is a group for both sides of the argument about Scotland's independence and /or ongoing Political and community affairs. Members must be respectful and thoughtful at all times as it is easy to let discussions become emotional and out of hand. We're here to raise the facts of the situation and everyone can have their say so long as they abide by the rules. Make this count for both sides. We are all Scots, it doesn't matter what we think now, it's what we all think in an ongoing evolving Scotland that counts. The recent Referendum and its outcome belonged to the people, not the politicians as does Scotland’s future. It is not a campaign page for any individual party. Also please read the welcome to the page.

The rules
Swearing, vulgar, abusive, defamatory, harassing, hateful, offensive or threatening language is not allowed under any circumstances. Trolling of any kind or personally blocking an Admin will also lead to direct expulsion from the group. The Admins decision is always final and they don't have time to discuss any decisions taken. MEMBERS POSTS
Only posts that generally relate to independence and the ongoing political and community issues surrounding it will be accepted onto the group. Anything else will sadly have to be removed. This includes graphics with no comments attached, polls of any type or posts about the Royal family, religion or race. Also please try to keep songs, poetry or other particularly "rousing" material to a minimum as may offend some. If a member has something they particular would like to post and are unsure whether it will be accepted please contact us and ask.
We need you to be involved in the quality of issues under discussion. Take any arising debate seriously as the issues discussed represent our understanding of what will happen both with and without independence and what might influence one another’s views on this. That matters greatly to both sides of the national conversation. With your individual help hopefully any arising discussions or debate will be both fascinating and illuminating and help deliver a far greater understanding of what can be expected if Scotland was an Independent country compared to now.