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Welcome to Juliene's Community!

If you were added to this group... - that means you are among my tribe of folk that crave freedom from the stale 9-5 job. You have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to wonder and wander freely.

In this community, I will share tips and tricks to help you achieve the laptop lifestyle of your dreams.

This community is for people who want to work hard to turn their dreams into their true reality. We accept no spammy attitude and only appreciate motivational and inspirational mindsets! We understand the struggles that get you down in your journey to achieving that ultimate lifestyle - but here will will lift each other up in spirit and in practice! If you are rude or a downer, you will be removed.

This group will serve as a support network for new team-members who are on their path to becoming a freedom-preneuer.

Please connect with me to share your ideas about freedom and lifestyle, marketing, and branding!

Remember - When you are constantly taking ACTION - reaching your goals is INEVITABLE.


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May The Force Be With You!

<3 Juliene <3