Jobs in Sweden - English

This group is for people looking for jobs in sweden. The group focuses on non-swedish speaking community but remember that its not easy to find jobs without speaking swedish. Some type of jobs always require the person talk swedish fluently.
Please note any non-Swedish job adverts will be removed and poster banned.
No home selling scams, these are not jobs.

Please do not post or share your personal information in the group, this will be targeted by spammers or used for fraud by some people. Please use e-mails as medium of communication in case of extreme necessity.

This is a not for profit group(no selling of jobs). We do not run a consultancy. This is a group just to point you to the right direction of where to look for jobs.

Note: No product marketing or sales allowed in this community. You can post any jobs that is available anywhere in the world. Job postings not in English will be removed.

Spams will be removed.

Posts not relevant to JOBS IN SWEDEN will be deleted and users banned.

Some websites that may help in your job searching

Government employment agency---->

It covers mostly 99% of jobs from internships to senior level,l contracts positions

Entry level and junior level jobs

Engineering jobs :