Hellenic branch of Leicester City and Watford FC Supporters

This is a group for two top yoyoing championship football clubs that shun the limelight of the money grabbing / coloured boot wearing / hair band and glove wearing nancy boys of the English premier league. This is also a throw back to muddy pitches, 10 yard sliding tackles, having a fag n a beer at half time and then into the bookies after the 90 mins is up. Although Leicester City have moved to a plastic soul destroying new stadium and are the new toy of a bunch of strange men from Bangkok this groups soul is the Leicester City boys of 1988 pen 3. Also Watford although previously owned by a pub singer called Elton the soul of this group is the Watford boys of the Rookery of 1990. John Barnes running down the wing and Luther Blissett the legend that Milan bought by mistake as they actually wanted John Barnes. Any Nottingham Forest or Luton supporters that attempt to join this group will be severely thrashed round the private parts by a rolled up newspaper.