Fort Drum QUARTER auction...NEW PAGE

NO PICKUP = BAN FROM PAGE, this has become to much of a habit with bidders now.
SELLERS if you agree to meet somewhere and don't show up and the buyer wasted time & gas waiting on you we will BAN you.
☺You may auction any item EXCEPT Pets, Anything Illegal or Things you were Given Free. If it is flawed in ANY way that MUST be in your description!
☺All auction bids must start at $0.25 and can go from there. Bid as much as you like, but no going under .25 cent increments.
☺Auctions can last up to 48H But NO Longer than 48 hours.
☺Sellers you MUST TAG your winners and PM them, Buyers you MUST contact the seller with 24 hours of auction end! NO same day pickups allowed! Only bid on items you can pick up or have arranged a meeting place with the seller ahead of time.
☺Please post on your items When the auction ends (date and time) and where pick up is. (Example: Ends 6/19 at 5pm Pick Up on Fort Drum, Watertown, etc.)
☺The person who has the highest bid at the end of the auction according to time stamp wins. If a auction ends at 4:00 bids can still be placed thru the minute of 4:00:59. When it turns 4:01 the auction is over.
☺NO DRAMA! OR you WILL be banned, no questions asked!
☺No bidding on items just to bid. If you bid and win, you must go through with picking the item up. If you do not pick up and ignore the seller, you will be banned. SELLERS: you MUST report all NON PICKUPS to Admin & PLS try to Include a Screenshot
☺ NO EDITING of your bids, Edited bids will not count. If it's a typo just bid again.
☺ NO DELETING of your bids, ANYONE who deletes a bid will get Banned.
☺You may bump your items twice in a 24H time frame. (Bids will bump it all through the day, so lets keep the personal bumping to a minimum)
☺Once you post an item for auction you CAN NOT have the same items listed on any other auction, sale or trade page!
☺NO DELETING your posts because the bid didn't go high enough for your liking!
☺Once an item is posted it can not be edited (date/time change) to last longer or end sooner within the 48 hours, if you are over the 48 hours the item must end NLT your posting time. Admin has the right to end your item early (at 48h) if you post for longer.
☺Blocking of other page members is NOT allowed, everyone must be able to see everyone else's bids.
☺ DO NOT comment on people's photo's unless it is a bid you are placing or asking a question directly related to the product (i.e. stained, broken, missing pieces). Making comments in other regards always starts drama with the other bidders.
☺ If it is NOT Your item or you're NOT an ADMIN do not declare winners or post pictures of time stamps as it just confuses everyone and too many incorrect winners get declared by random page members
☺If you have any questions contact 1 of the admins: Lesley Jackson, Joy Marie Coleman, Casandra Emert