Allied WWI - WWII Sell/ Swap/ Trade - Only Allied militaria

New members contact admin (Stephanie Batroni Pitchers) for approval. This group is for buying, selling, trading, offering / soliciting of loaner stuff and business advertisement of re-enactment uniform and equipment for allied only impressions of WWI - WWII (American, British, Canadian, Russian and other non- axis impressions).
This is NOT a place for German, Japanese and other memorabilia and reproductions associated with Axis organizations of WWI - WWII. Anyone trying to sell Axis or modern stuff will be banned.
This is a buyer/ seller beware group, however we do have rules for this group.
1. Nothing illegal.
2. Must wait 24 hours before bumping and no double postings. If you double post, your newest post will be deleted.
3.Remove posts when sold or over
4. Ok to advertise business. No pictures. No recruiting. Do not badmouth another person or company. Do not "steal" customers from another post. This includes handmade items as well.
5. No eBayers or offers of eBay consignment. No posting links to eBay or other auction sites. This is not eBay, so NO BIDDING WARS!
6. ALL items posted must have prices! No pm for details or posting will be deleted.
7. Please put multiple items in a album. Any more than 5 individual picture posts, they will be deleted. Add an item description; do not comment on every picture. Individual pictures with commented descriptions will be deleted. If you want something that is in an album escape out of the picture and comment on the album. If you have sold an item in an album or it is pending pickup, edit the description, DO NOT comment on the picture.
8. Collecting items for a charity, benefit, or family MUST be approved before posting.
9. Do NOT sell items you received for free, this will result in immediate removal and you will be permanently banned.
10. If you state you want something held and then do not contact seller on more than 2 occasions, you will be banned.
11. When you as a seller, tell someone that they can buy an item, then sells it to someone else, they will be banned. If the buyer does not respond with a confirmation within 24 hours, the seller can sell to the next in line.
12. If you are buying/selling a firearm it's YOUR responsibility to make sure the buyer has a valid F.O.I.D. card or follows the laws of the state where the firearm is to be sold. If you abuse the rules, your post will be deleted, 2nd offense, you will be deleted and banned from group.
13. Be respectful of ALL members in the group. If you act like a punk, douchebag or jackass you will be banned. This is not a place for inside / personal jokes. Keep it business, keep it fair, keep it honest and there will be no problems. If you stray from that then you might get cut. If you have any issues with the group or members please PM an administrator. DO NOT make a post on the page, it will be immediately deleted.