Rutgers Companion Animal Club

A student-run group dedicated to the field of companion animal s...cience, whether the interest lies in health-related careers, animal training, research or other fields of study related to companion animals. We allow for networking between students in the animal science department interested in small animals. Guest speakers in the field come and talk at our meetings to give people insight into potential future careers. Upperclassmen in the animal science major come and offer advice and advising to other students, helping the navigate through Rutgers and the science departments. We welcome members even if they are not interested in animal science...all you need to fit in is an interest in animals and a love of your pet!!

We get students involved in the animal science community, as well as the Rutgers community, through participation in bi-weekly club meetings, and campus and community-wide events. In addition, we take field trips to different exhibits and events outside of campus related to companion animals, such as dog shows, pet stores, animal shelters, etc.

We have currently partnered with Merlin's Kids, an organization that rescues and rehabilitates shelter dogs to become service animals for people in need. Our members learn how to interact, handle, and give training to our group of fosters. New members can work their way up from sitters to fosters through extensive involvement and training.

Our meetings are offered every other Thursday night at 9:00 PM in the Cook Douglass Lecture Hall (CDL), room 110. Join us as we make a difference in the lives of animals and people every day!

2016-2017 Officers

Bridgett Alvarez - President
Jacqueline Jackson - Vice President
Brittany Cuellar - Treasurer
Angelia Diekhaus - Secretary
Claressa Lopez - Activities Coordinator
Nicole Sadori - Housing Director

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