John Lennon's Rickenbacker 325 Guitar

For a true Lennon Fan only. Must LOVE this guitar and have a vast knowledge of its history, use and sound on the many recordings and gigs in which it was used.
John Lennon's first Rickenbacker 325 was bought in Hamburg in 1960. It was actually made in 1958 -only eight like this were produced that year-. It's got a natural finish with four control knobs, three pickups and originally a gold lucite scratchplate. Soon after John bought it, he changed the original Kaufmann Vibrola tailpiece for a Bigsby one. He also had it refinished in black in late 1962. The scratchplate has been changed to white, but the gold lucite on the headstock is still the original. It has been stripped back to a natural finish a couple of years ago.
This is one of the most valuable guitars on earth.