Colchester United Fans Messageboard Match 2011 - Over 23's team

The Annual Colchester United Messageboard match is back. 11th June 2011.

This group is for the Over 23's team :

Mowgs (GK)
David Burch
Alex Hales
Chris Carey
Martin Jones
Phil Hart
Sean Mullins
Andy Alexander
Simon Goodey
Jim Westbrook
Shane Woolgar
Kev Straker
Geriod Spacey
Gavin Francis
James Hawkes
Richard Archer


Below number is the accounts department and if you quote Jon Palmer's name, then you can pay directly to the club. I would say can this only be exiles for now unless you are really struggling to get to the club at the moment. If you so wish you can give Jon the money direct and he'll pop it straight into Darrell/Accounts and pay it off when he is next at the club. He'll be at every game except Carlisle as well as Monday Night Football (for those that know about it).

The payments are based on 34 players currently at £26.50 each which works out at £901 but obviously it is now 16 man squads. An extra £2 is required on the day.

THE DEADLINE IS THE 25TH APRIL FOR PAYMENTS, unless Jon hears otherwise. If you don't pay by this date it is assumed you are not wanting to play and your place will be offered to someone else.

Accounts No : 01206 755118