Ebay free listing weekends - Unfair practices

Ebay users - this is a call to action.

Do you receive emails advertising 'Free Listing Weekend'? I do. I didn't realise until this last weekend when I spend about 5 hours listing 30 items that for me, it is NOT free!

If you have ever sold on ebay before and even if you have 100% positive feedback if someone has decided that they feel like they paid too much P&P and have marked you down a little on the gold star system them ebay consider you to be a BAD SELLER. Even if you have never, ever made money on P&P and I know I often end up being out of pocket after the 75p 'signed for' thing is done and all the envelopes and packaging is bought etc act yet still someone obviously marked me down so therefore I am not entitled to list for free even though ebay sent me an invite advertising the fact that it was free!

Sellers of fairly low value items (under about £10-£20) really have no chance of making anything like enough money to make the listing and packaging and posting anything like worthwhile with the listing charges and then the ending fees.

This is very poor practice of ebay - it is the sellers who are their customers it is sellers who make they money yet we are treated with no respect or value what-so-ever.

Ebay have a sophisticated enough computer programme to filter out us 'rouge sellers' and not send this invite for free listings but they choose not to. Oh yeah its al there, all in the small print T&C's yet we all know, and so does the law as it has been tested time and time again, that the vast majority of people DO NOT READ the T&C's and if there is something very important that needs pointing out then the company MUST do so.

I would think that telling me something is FREE and the reality is... I will have to pay for it, in full then I think that that is pretty darned important information that should be pointed out to me.

ebay is a great way to pick up great, quirky, unusual stuff. It is also a great way to re-cycle and keep usable/wearable things in circulation. Please, Please ebay PLAY NICE.

STOP - sending emails to people about promotions to which they are excluded automatically.

STOP - allowing buyers to slate sellers with no justification at all.

START - giving low value item sellers a better deal so that we can make a small amount of money and it is worth the massive effort of listing and posting, abolish listing fees for items under £10 maybe?

If anyone else has been affected (or outraged) by the obvious unfair practices of the ebay then please - join my group - add a comment - start a discussion, lets have a think about this and see what we can do about it.

Also - call ebay 08453553229 - you will probably need to go online and get a pin so they can recognise you but please people do it.

Thank you