This group was created to promote interaction between the students and teachers of FAST School Of Management.

Although, a group where the students of FAST School Of Management can freely talk and share stuff, there are a few rules which must be followed:

1) No spamming. Anyone found guilty, will be deleted from the group!

2) Please share responsibly. This group has not been created for you to share your passion for the game of cricket and/or its lack thereof. The same goes for other irrelevant stuff!

3) No advertisements. Please don't post advertisements on the page. This is not a public forum and you are not allowed to advertise your groups and pages.

4) Anyone found using indecent language or posting derogatory/insulting remarks or comments towards any other group member will be deleted from the group.

5) Please make sure that any information being shared on the group is of intellectual nature.

Stay safe and happy!