Chief Boatswain's Mates (Active & Retired)

"Chief Boatswain's Mates (Active & Retired) membership is available to CPOs*, SCPOs* and MCPOs* (active or reserve) whether currently serving or retired. No
"former" Chief Boatswain's Mates are allowed in in this group, since CWO’s and LDO’s that forfeited their Anchors are no longer GOATS. It's the ugly truth - - they know it.. we know it. Likewise, those that have yet to earn their Anchors are not allowed in here either. At no time shall any E-6 or below be added to this group, under ANY circumstance - - particularly during the season. Only upon final acceptance into the Mess, said FYC’s may then be included - - and only AFTER the pinning ceremony. "Honorary Chief Boatswain's Mates" will be taken under advisement, and only with the majority concurrence of interested CHIEF BOATSWAIN'S MATES ringing in on the matter out in the open forum. While agreement isn't always the norm in OUR FORUM, cooperation is. Help is ALWAYS here for the asking. There are times where fellow GOATS will make you laugh, make you cry, help you out - - or piss you off. That's called REALITY. That being said, CHIEF BOATSWAIN'S MATES (ACTIVE & RETIRED) may not be for you. If this is the case, thanks for your service. There are plenty of copycats out there "just for guys", "just for girls", "just for fun" - - but CHIEF BOATSWAIN'S MATES (ACTIVE & RETIRED) is a place for us ALL to come together as ONE. So for those of us who chose to stay, play well with others. Please. Active, Reserve, Retired - - makes no difference. We were them once - - and they'll be us one day.

(*) EXCEPTIONS: CHIEF BOATSWAIN'S MATES (ACTIVE & RETIRED) welcomes SNCO equivalents from other services that have completed initiation, transition, or induction. Please message one of the group admins with the details of the hap-hap-happiest day of your life.

DISCLAIMER: Any discussion in the CHIEF BOATSWAIN'S MATES (ACTIVE & RETIRED) group (within the Facebook social networking site) is cloaked from the public-at-large and does NOT constitute official endorsement on behalf of the United States Navy or Department of Defense.