Jordanheadz Down Under XCLUSIV 10-11

This group is made for those who love jordan kickz, catering solely for sizes 10-11.
Many groups consist of many threads and posts about all shoes and sizes but all you want to know about is your shoe size.
This group is strictly for jordan shoe enthusiasts as we are trying to build a community that embraces the game, simply for the love of it and not for the money.
Just like any other group, there are a few simple rules that we must follow to stay in this group.
1. Only jordan kickz to be sold or traded
2. Only size 10-11(9.5-11.5 give or take)
3. No offer ups
4. When making a sale post, the seller must state the size, condition and price
5. No reseller prices... we're trying to keep the prices low within reason. If u feel like someone is selling kicks at a ridiculous price, they will get 1 warning before being kicked out of the group.
6. No fake or Unauthorized kickz allowed
7. No buying of kickz in this group only to resell it for a higher price in another group. YOU WILL GET CAUGHT OUT.
8. Please respect each other.(no R*pe word to describe a high price and absolutely no racist word or comments)
The rules are subject to change whenever we see fit as we try to improve our group.
All I ask of members is to keep your prices down when selling, we'd like to think that your kickz are going to another good home. please use our group to socialize and get to know each other. Lets make this group as tight as possible, only suggest members that are willing to abide by our rules and will fit in the community we are trying to build. Its not always about jordan kickz, its also about friendship.
Thank you all and enjoy your stay!

- Admin Ed