Garage Sales of Lincoln County New Mexico

This Group is for ALL of Lincoln County Garage Sale items, cars, animals, clothes, furniture, collectibles, antiques, etc.


BUYERS from other Counties are most welcome. Chavez, Otero, all of Southeast New Mexico

If you have a number of items (3-4 at a time); please make an ALBUM, OR post a few now and more tomorrow.

Please refrain from any comments between a buyer and seller. Only comment on an item that is a compliment, only positive comments will be accepted.

Do not give any instructions or suggestions about buying and selling.

This is an open negotiation site. If you want something make an offer, then the seller can say yes, no or make a counteroffer.

May I remind all of you, there are no guarantees and refunds, be smart, be money wise, be reasonable in your expectations.

If someone offers a "brand new" "never been used", but older water pump, Remember, no refunds, no guarantees. A mouse could have crawled up into it and died.

If something looks to be too good to be true, then it probably isn't.

If you also have a business and are in Lincoln County, such as jewelry, scrap booking, wraps, candles, crafts and specialty items, etc, please only post you business once a week. BUT....

BUT You can do both: Garage Sale your items daily and advertise you business but only once week.

We do not want to be a commercial site.

This is site is not open to social commentary.

If you are looking to have parties, sign up members, solicit sales representative, sell real estate, rental property; please don't to it here.

Please post your upcoming residential Garage Sales here.

These are Guidelines. Humor is Great. Sarcasm is easily misunderstood. Comments that are helpful are most welcome. Kindness and appreciation are paramount. Honesty is essential.

*** If you have more ideas and suggestion please message me....TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK and lets work it out. There are all points of view.

This site per se accepts no responsibility for any products or services offered, bought, sold, accepted, given, inherited, etc.

This site is for Garage Sale like items.