This group is about the memories of old shops, pubs and clubs in Blackpool.
We don't have many rules, but here they are:

1. Anyone being abusive or disrespectful to any other members will be removed without warning.

2. Abuse and/or discrimination will not be tolerated in any form. Posts will be deleted without warning and in severe cases, people will be removed from the group.

3. Try to keep the swearing to a minimum. Granted, we are all adults on this site (or at least over 13 due to Facebook rules) so try and keep it clean. Whilst swearing will not result in a ban like on other sites, posts will be reported by other members and if an Admin thinks that it is unsuitable for the group, they will be deleted without warning.

4. No advertising or requests for services or goods. Posts will be deleted and repeat offenders will be removed.

5. Try to keep on topic. If your post does not relate to Blackpool at all, it will be deleted. Tenuous links to Blackpool will be allowed but use your own judgment.

6. Play nice. At the moment, I am the sole admin and this is not my full time job. Reported posts and requests for membership will be dealt with, but I work full time and have two children so don't panic if I don't respond instantly!

7. If you know the source of any pictures you post, please cite them. Don't steal them for commercial purposes!

8. If you have any issues, please use the report facility.

9. Any member can add people to the group, but they have to be approved by an admin). Profiles without images will not be added. There are millions of fake profiles on Facebook and I'm trying to keep them off here!

10. Enjoy!

This group is purely for memories of Blackpool & its former shops/pubs & clubs, so enjoy the group & be nice to one another!