Honda Motor Heads of Maryland

Post whatever Honda parts you are looking to buy or sell!

HMHM Rules: Honda cars parts electronics or tools (no other cars allowed this isn't craigslist)
1. Keep negativity to yourself.
2. Keep bumping to an ABSOLUTE minimum. If people want to see what is available, they will scroll down.
3. Car related parts only. On posts not directly related to Honda keep bumping to a minimum.
4. We aren't members of this group to hear your opinion, if you'd like to have a discussion, keep it strictly Honda car related.
5. Only post the same part three max (with at least 3 weeks in between the posts), people will scroll down if they would like to find more parts. If you post the same thing more than once in the same day, it will be deleted.
6. Try to post zip codes with where the part or you are located to minimize time wasted if the buyer or seller is too far away.
7. These rules are being set up to eliminate all bias. If you don't abide by these rules, your post or you will be deleted. Any concerns feel free to inbox me!

Rules for car sales and other parts:
1. Post at least one picture if selling a car.
2. Must include price. If you are selling your car and you don't have a price you wish to get, then your car really isn't for sale.
3. If it is a car, then include year, make, model. List of mods. and any other info. Again, if you don't want to tell people this information, then the car shouldn't be for sale, so take it to craigslist.
4. If you post a picture without a description, it will be deleted.
5. If you post a picture that is irrelevant to you WTB/Sales post, it will be deleted. "Pic for attention" should only contain a picture that is relevant to the post. (No picture of a random car if you are trying to sell or look for a car part)
6. If you are selling/want to buy parts, post what part and prices.
7. Rule 7 from above applies here too.