Kadanke Uganda

We are committed to being the leading youth communication partners in the region implementing youth winning and communication campaigns. Our goal is to create brand affinity and loyalty to future market. We help brands acquire effective strategies that will help enhance their image and keep their products competitive among the growing young market. Our operation hub is well run with a team of well-crafted and talented young workers in the fields of marketing, planning, public relation and ICT. Our annual campaigns include Hi Skool Kadanke, Kadanke high school apprentice, Kadanke beach carnival,
Kadanke national school Championship, Kadanke vogue magazine, Kadanke Coke Studio a music dance and drama festival

What we do

in just 2 yers, we have organised winning Youth campaigns, Produt drives and Launches, events management, Experiential marketing, Consumer Eductaion, company branding, resaerch, music concerts, Artists booking and managemnet, youth financial literacy, Consumer awaerness and display, creative and design

Our Clients and Partners

Coca Cola, MTN Uganda, Multi Choice Limted, Finca Bank, Global Bank, Fresh Cuts, Samsung, New Vision, Nation Media,