Canon Powershot SX10is - SX20is - SX30is - SX40hs - SX50HS SX50 HS !

Canon Powershot Owners Group
SX10 SX20 SX30 SX40 SX50 SX60 IS or HS group!

This is a 'PHOTO' group, you can click the button to ''add photo or video'' not ''add photoshop disney picture'' - please post photos not created pictures...

THIS IS AN INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH GROUP, if possible, please try to post in both languages if you must post non english..

not all can but lets try! (google translate etc)

Keep post related to the aim of the group, photography and canon, anything you have taken or built or found something to fit as an accessory, share!

We have had to impose a no naked human photo / no religion policy.

No spamming with adverts for get rich quick jobs or loans you will be banned without warning, oh hang on, this is a warning, ok you will be banned with this warning..!%20(google%20translate%20etc)%0A%0AKeep%20post%20related%20to%20the%20aim%20of%20the%20group%2C%20photography%20and%20canon%2C%20anything%20you%20have%20taken%20or%20built%20or%20found%20something%20to%20fit%20as%20an%20accessory%2C%20share!%0A%0AWe%20have%20had%20to%20impose%20a%20no%20naked%20human%20photo%20policy.%0A%0ANo%20spamming%20with%20adverts%20for%20get%20rich%20quick%20jobs%20or%20loans%20you%20will%20be%20banned%20without%20warning%2C%20oh%20hang%20on%2C%20this%20is%20a%20warning%2C%20ok%20you%20will%20be%20banned%20with%20this%20warning..%0A%0AI%20apologise%20if%20this%20translation%20is%20not%20very%20good%2C%20google%20did%20it