JetSport Group

Hello everybody, the purpose of this group is getting to know other friends as well as the port Jets Make appointments for joint leisure activities , group meetings, events , exchanges about our sport in general.
For a busy group adds to your friends Jet added !

Thus, this group remains clear and you also will find the right one, here are some rules for the rational group life :

Advertising and other content that have nothing to do with our Jets port , we will delete only once. Also deleted : Postings with political, sexual , discriminatory or xenophobic content.

Please avoid demands without reference to our sport. Uses for something.

Please avoid pointless comments like "I do not " counter-productive criticism , when someone asked who has still feel like what ec to undertake specific .

And please take into account a general Netiquette : Be nice to each other and insulting / other not provoked.

Thank you and best regards,
Your Admin team