New Ireland (Niu Ailan) Papua New Guinea


This page is for all the New Irelanders & friends aroud the globe! it's also for all those who currently live there, who've lived there or want to be there!

Hopefully this page is a central point of contact for all of us niu ailan facebookers, so if you're a member that means you're willing to share stories, pictures and or time regarding our beautiful home "peles" that is Niu Ailan... it also means we get to make new contacts with wantoks :)

Feel free to post on the page :)


New Ireland (Tok Pisin: Niu Ailan) is a large island in Papua New Guinea, approximately 8,650 km² in area. It is the main and largest island of the New Ireland Province. It lies northeast of the island of New Britain. Both islands are a part of the Bismarck Archipelago and are separated by the Saint George's Channel. The administrative centre of the island and the province is Kavieng located at the northern end of the island.Namatanai is another small town halfway along the island. The Boluminski Highway runs down the east coast, linking the two towns.
Also part of the province are numerous smaller islands, including New Hanover, Saint Matthias Group (Mussau, Emirau), Tabar Group (Tabar, Tatau, Simberi), Tanga Group (Malendok, Boang), Feni Islands (Ambitle, Babase), Djaul, Lihir and Anir.
Around twenty languages are spoken in New Ireland, and the number of dialects and subdialects totals perhaps 45. All are in the New Ireland languages group within the Austronesian language family, except for one language isolate, Kuot.
- Wiki


Papua New Guinea is in the South Pacific and lies directly north of Australia. To the north east of mainland Papua New Guinea lies the mysterious and beautiful New Ireland Province. New Ireland is the long narrow Island north of New Britain and the province also includes a number of islands off the north west end, the largest being New Hanover. To the East lie a further string of islands including Lihir, one of the world’s largest gold mines.

New Ireland has perfect white-sand beaches and rivers of clear water tumbling down from the ruggedly forested central Schleinitz Range. In the remote south is the spiritual home of Tumbuan culture. In the north are the intriguing traditions of the Malagan, while Kabai culture dominates in the central areas.




^^About The Flag: The Southern Cross (a guide to seafarers and indicator of the seasons) is shown over a blue background for the sea. A silhouette of a paradise drongo (a bird found only in New Ireland) is shown on an orange background.^^

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