Commercial Law Faculty 2011 - University of Auckland

Commercial Law Faculty - University of Auckland

This group was created to connect the current Commercial Law students together at the University of Auckland. It is 100% student run.
Feel free to communicate on this page with other students selling/buying/swapping text books, get course advise from past students and be able to chat with your classmates.

This is also a very good way to discuss all the assignment/test questions!! We have created doc's (see on right side of the page) for each stage comlaw course.

Any Commercial Law students are welcome to join.

Created by your Commercial Law Student Reps 2011 S2:

Meeting Chairperson- Shubhi Garg
Faculty Rep- Cate Bell

Class Reps
Comlaw 101- Kurt Reed, Melissa Yin
Comlaw 201- Sobia Mughal, Betty Zhang
Comlaw 203- Cate Bell, Vera Chian
Comlaw 301- Richanne Hizon, Mishendri Naicker, Kenneth Chua
Comlaw 311- Shubhi Garg, Aditi Grover
Comlaw 315- Brandon Twigley

2012 Class Reps are as follows:

Comlaw 303 - FB study group "Comlaw 303 UoA 2012"

Comlaw 311 - Betty Zhang (,
Linda Park (

Comlaw 314 - Nick Thomas ( , Adelle Wright-St Clair (, and Sobia Mughal (